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Cost of Renovations in 2021

You've been wanting to change the look of your living space?

You have a renovation project in mind?

You want to know what your budget can get you?

Cost of labour and materials has risen in the last several years. With the COVID-19, this has also made it more difficult to get certain materials and a team due to shortage and extreme demand.

Here is an idea of ​​price for each of these projects to allow you to plan better. **Please note that these are starting price. A client can decide to have more pricy finishings and therefor will increase the price.

Calculate around $ 250 per square foot * This also depends on whether we are starting with a new foundation or an already existing one.

Roughly $ 175 per square foot * This depends on what kind of use you will be making of it and the foundation.

Calculate around $ 150 per square foot * What will differ here is the amount of structural work that will be needed, if you need to do any plumbing and electricity work / move, structural work beams to add or take out, open plan area wanted, floor levelling, ceiling levelling and more.

4- Conversion of Multiplex into a Family Home

Calculate around $ 250 per square foot * What will differ here is the size of your conversion, the materials used, the amount of plumbing and electricity your will change / move, structural work, floor levelling and more.

Between $ 150 and $ 250 per square foot * Several factors will affect the final price of your new kitchen. Here are the most important ones to consider: The size of your kitchen, the materials or your cabinets (wood, melamine, etc.), the countertops (quartz, granite, melamine, etc.), the finitions (plumbing, lighting, flooring, backsplash, electrical appliances, sinks, electrical finish, and more.) 6- Basement Renovation:

For a turn key basement, with a bathroom, plan between $ 100 and $ 150 per square foot. The finitions of your bathroom will create a difference in price and the amount of rooms you will want. Another possible price changer is of you'd like to have a radiant floor in your basement. This will definately be cost efficient, but will affect the price.

A good average price is between $ 100 and $ 220 per square foot.

Finitions have an impact of the final cost.

Between $ 175 and $ 200 per square foot (4 Seasons)

Roughly $ 230 per square foot for a new construction of great quality and insurance, with finitions of quality. For anything high end, you could easily double the price. The beauty with this type of project, if done completely by your contractor, you will have a much longer insurance for the work done.

10- A Few More...

- Doors and Windows: PVC: Calculate an average of about $ 1,000 per window, installed. Aluminum: Calculate an average of about $ 1500 per window, installed.

You can opt for several types of exterior siding. Masonry, vinyl, wood, aluminum and more. The factors are very numerous. Calculate between $ 4 and $ 50 per square foot for your exterior cladding.


* It is important to note that all work done in a renovation is and should be covered for the labour for a year.

If you decide for a new construction, you can have a coverage of up to 5 years.

* Prices also vary depending on the materials and finishes used. (Low, medium or high end) * Prices will also vary if you finish your project on the "rough" or a "turnkey" project.

* All renovation projects are subject to a price fluctuation of more or less 10-15%. This is due to surprises, unforeseen events and / or changes along the way. * When comparing quote and choosing a contractor, it is tempting to use the services of a contractor that costs as little as possible, but it is important to carefully evaluate these and make sure the same values ​​are compared.

Finding a Trustworthy Contractor in Montreal It is not always easy to find a contractor you can trust, but it is the main key to a successful renovation project. Lineaire general contractor has proven year after year that they can be trusted and have the right experience to create a masterpiece for you. You can visit their website at: or contact them at 514-686-0661.

Have a good renovation project! The Team of Lineaire General Contractor

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