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Is your home right for you during this Pandemic ? (Covid-19)

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made us rethink our lifestyle and made some changes to it. We have all been affected by it, all around the world.

Here in the Greater Montreal, we have been affected by it, more than most in the province and the country.

Having our children stay home for school, put our work aside to help our children with their learning, cook and clean 3 meals per day, and much more.

Living in such closer quarters does take its toll on each of us.

Stepping on each others toes all the time can make a more difficult day and time.

Have you been wondering what you could do to make your living space more pleasant?

Here are a few things you can do to help make your home more confortable for yourself and everyone around you.

1- Add Partitions

Partitions are a low cost option to help you with making your space more manageable. It also absorbs some of the sounds, in order to make you work space quieter and more private. By adding a partition you create your own little haven to work, play and relax. You create some privacy for yourself and others.

2- Add Storage

Adding a storage unit will create an environment that is cleaner and calmer for the soul. If things are tidy, it helps to have a more productive day and the brain is less cluttered. By having a space that is tidy, you give yourself a better chance to have sanity within these crazy times of close living.

This is more costly option, but renovating your home and making an home extension does create a larger living space and does add harmony in the family. The less you are on top of one another, the easier these times will be.

4- Create an area for yourself

Having a part of your room or a full room that is just your own, does allow for more privacy and sanity. If you can create a little haven in a part of your home, you will benefit from it. Arrange that particular room to fit your needs, for work, studies, sleep and more.

We hope we were able to bring you some ideas to help you bring sanity in these crazy times. Allow you to live a more "normal life", until it is fully back to the real normal.

Finding the right contractor, for your dream project is crucial.

Lineaire General Contractor has a team with over 20 years of experience and thrives in making dreams into reality.

Floor Addition, Home Extensions and Home Remodel are their specialty.

They work by these 3 words: Quality, Passion and Honesty.

Contact them for more information: 514-686-0661 or

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