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Multiplex Conversion into a Family Home

Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex and Home conversion.

Have you always wanted to transform your multiplex building into a spacious home that you would live in with no one else in?

Where no one else can hear you or you hear them?

You want to transform your home into a multi-generational one?

Here are the stages you will want to think about in order to be prepared and be ahead of the game. The more prepared you are with the right professionals, the less money will be spent on "Preparation time" during your project.

Step 1 - Permits:

If you are planning on extending your home, moving partitions, opening walls or even demolish and rebuild, you need a construction permit given by the city you live in.

You need to contact them first to know if there are any restrictions to the plans you have in mind. You wouldn't want to get your architect to draw some plans for you and have to redo them completely.

The city will also be the ones issuing the permit, once your plan is completed with your team of experts.

Step 2 - Plans:

Having a rough idea of what you want is a great start. However, you will need a lot more to get started.

Get referrals for a good architect. They will draw up the plans for you, to create your magic on paper. They will also work closely with engineers to confirm that viability of the vision, for all structural aspects. You want a house that will be strong and sturdy for the many years to come.

Step 3 - Quotes:

You now have your permit in hand, your plans drawn up and you are ready to move ahead with finding out how much your project will cost. You could even get an idea of a cost before you do Step 1 and 2.

Find 2-3 referred contractors in your area and get them to take a look at your project and give you an estimate for the work.

Make sure you compare all estimates and that they have all the same elements in them. Revise each quote with each contractor. It's your money after all. Make sure you are spending it wisely.

Step 4 - Financial aspects:

This is the last part before you can get started. Make sure you have all the funds ready. Most contractors will invoice you every week, for the labour and the materials used. Don't be scared to ask for some details on your invoice. The contractor should have no problem to be transparent and give you details on demand.

Step 5 - Get the work started:

You have chosen your contractor, you have your plans, the money required for your project and permit in hand? You are now ready to get started!

Follow your project closely, as changes and modifications cost money.

Better safe than sorry.

Important Notes:

* Renovations mean dust, discomfort, noise, change. Be ready to have all of those happen during the process or even most of the time. We recommend that you live somewhere else, if you can, during the work. It will be more comfortable and a more pleasant experience.

* A Renovation is stressful. Take it one day at a time. Keep a close eye on your budget and spendings. They will ensure you keep a hold on your sanity.

Never forget to keep the focus on the end result. It will be worth it!

Home Conversion Companies

Finding the right contractor, that fits with you and has good testimonials, is important.

Lineaire General Contractors have a team with over 20 years of experience and thrive in making their clients happy.

Home Conversions, Home Extensions, Multiplex Conversions and Home Remodel are their specialty.

Quality, Passion and Honesty is their moto. Contact us Now for more information: 514-686-0661 or

We look forward to working with you!

From the Lineaire General Contractor team, Happy Renovations!!

T. 514-686-0661

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