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Office Space Renovation in Montreal - What to do?

You want to renovate your office space, located in the greater Montreal or the island? You want to create a more attractive atmosphere for your customers and/or your team? Wondering what steps to take to start your improvement project. Here are the first 3 steps to get started. 1- Hire an engineer and/or an architect To create a space that meets your needs and those of your clientele, an engineer and / or an architect will know how to put your vision on paper or give you ideas. If you wish to destroy certain walls, the engineer will be in order, but the city will want to see plans of the final visual of what the final result will look like. 2- A Construction permit The plans are finished? The next step is to get a permit from the city where your offices are located. These will allow you to be in good standing to start your work. It is important to know that big fines can be issued if you do not have a permit. 3- Execute the work The rest is simple, but the most important. Create the space of your dreams and the one that will allow you to be more efficient, modern and attractive to all. Renovation or construction of office space can be done by a qualified and certified general contractor. He must have his RBQ license, a member of the CCQ and have civil liability insurance of at least $ 2 million. This will allow you to rest easy and be protected. That's it! You will have beautiful office! Do not forget to follow your project closely. It's not over yet, it's not completely to your liking. Good general contractors, who are honest, are increasingly rare. Contact Lineaire G.C. for further information. 514-686-0661 Good Renovation and Construction!

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