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The Pandemic and Our Need for Space

The pandemic has led us to rethink our lifestyle and our living space.

Discomfort quickly crept into our daily lives and either brought us closer to one another or caused us to question "how" to improve the situation.

The majority of people have either moved or decided to expand part of their living space.

What have you done? Are you still in this thought process?

Are you making plans to make these changes?

The construction industry has been greatly affected by this, by VERY high demand, over the past 18 months. Thus affecting the next few years of their schedule.

You will tell us that this is good news. You are quite right! But this is less good news for those who are fine-tuning their decision today, given the lack of manpower, materials and contractors.

A project currently takes about 6 to 12 months from the signing of the agreement to the start of work, if the signing is done today.

A good, quality entrepreneur currently has this type of delay. Smaller projects can be sneaked in, but that's not the norm.

For all those who want to see their project take shape, here are some suggestions that will bring you more comfort:

Knowing this from the start will give you a head start so that you can prepare everything well and have less disappointment with key players for your project. (General contractor, reservation of important materials, waiting time for a delivery and more ...)

Having your contractor before obtaining the building permit and drawing up the plans is ideal. Because a lot of work can be done before you get this one. If you wait until you have your permit before contacting a contractor, you will waste a lot of time… You will have to find one that is available and as mentioned above, it may not be available for several months.

In the past year, we have witnessed a LOT of delays and shortages of labor and materials. (Metal, gypsum, wood, etc…) With the great demand, this has created long delivery times. So be prepared and be patient. Right now, receiving these materials on time is almost lucky. Deadlines are more the norm, even with GREAT preparation.

Whatever your project, the pandemic will create abnormal situations beyond the control of contractors. Which leads to a lot of uncertainty and dissatisfaction.

So having this information in your hands further prepares you for a less stressful and more informed project.

For good advice and a project that starts in all honesty, Lineaire General Contractor is the best resource for you.

A team with more than 30 years of experience will guide you during the preparation, confection and finalization of your dream project.

Here is more information on Lineaire General Contractor: or simply write to us at:


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