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Ways to Increase your Living Area

You want to increase your living space, or simply revamp your "work-at-home" area and you would like to know where to start...

The location of your home is your ideal area, with great schools, everything is at walking distance and you love your neighbourhood. The only thing missing is some extra living space.

There are ways to make yourself more comfortable at home and for work.

Here are 3 ways you can increase your living space, without moving home or walking on each others feet.

1- Add a level to your home

Your home has a garage on the side? It's perfect, because you can build more living space right over it. A garage being big can easily create the perfect master bedroom with an "ensuite" bathroom and walking closet. Sky is the limit, but a garage is the perfect place to build to create your own little haven.

2- Add an extension at the back of your home

You might not have space on the side of your home. Your house might be attached on both sides with other buildings. This doesn't mean you're stuck with what you have. You can always increase your living space, no matter what your situation is. In this case you can build an extension at the back of your home. You can increase the size of your current room or change the layout of your home, whilst adding some space. Even just 5-6 feet of length on your house, for it's full size, will give you the sanity you need.

This could make your kitchen bigger, more space for a bigger bathroom, a bigger master bedroom on the second or main floor... All is possible!

3- Extend your home on the side

You are lucky to have a detached home on 1 or both sides? You have just enough space to add 5-6 feet on the sides for the whole height and length of your home? That's amazing! That is going to change your life at home forever. Utilizing available space, can make the right difference for you and your family.

The best way to know what fits best for you and your family, for your home, is to initially contact an architect and then a general contractor. They are the best point of contact to get yourself started.

Of course you will have to look at your certificate of location, to make sure you can do those changes. And you will need a permit to execute the work, but after that, you can let your mind drift to places they have never been before.

Where to find a good general contractor?

Finding the right person to execute your project is the key to a good or a bad experience. Of course budget is important, but trust, references and proof of qualifications is most important!

Lineaire General Contractor is a privilege member of the APCHQ and has been revised as on of the best companies to contact for a project of this magnitude.

to find out more.

Contact them at: 514-686-0661.

What does your dream home look like?

Have a great day!

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