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What does a General Contractor do?

The General Contractor is the project manager of a construction or renovation site. He manages the work site, the workers, the materials, the sub contractors and more. He takes the necessary steps to carry out the projects of his clients, by following the building code.

He also coordinates, manages and organizes the various work carried out by his team of workers and subcontractors.

He is qualified to operate on a residential and commercial site. You have probably heard of several types of general contractors. Indeed, there are several. It is important to find out from the R.B.Q. what they each do.

In addition, you will also find specialized contractors, such as plumbers, electricians and more.

They all have an precise certification that allows them to do their work, but the general contractor is the one who hires them the most. A General Contractor is highly regulated. It is overseen by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (R.B.Q.)

They are the ones who issue the licenses. To be given a general contractors license and have a company in good standing, they must: - Pass a comprehensive proficiency examination - Have liability insurance - Indicate their license number on all business documents - Hold tax numbers (GST-QST) - Be in good standing with both governments - Justify their judicial and legal history - Pay annual dues to the R.B.Q We do not advise anyone to hire a contractor who does not have a full license to build or renovate homes or commercial buildings.   It is important to shop around for your contractor when you want to start a construction or renovation project. It is tempting to use the cheapest one, but it is a mistake that many people make and find themselves in very disappointing situations. There is also a greater chance of a monetary loss. We strongly recommend that you look closely at your contractor, but especially ask around for references, to have a better peace of mind. Quality work is important because renovation and construction projects are very demanding. So doing it only once, is much more pleasurable.

Ask for quality to a referenced contractor and you'll get your dream project done! The Linéaire Construction team.

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