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What is an Intergenerational home?

In Greater Montreal we see a lot of single-family homes, Duplexes, triplexes, Multiplexes and condos.

A type of house is making its debut in Quebec, the Intergenerational house.

It is increasingly popular with people who want to be close to their aging parents or offer to help their children who have less and less access to purchasing property.

An Intergenerational House is regularly 2 houses in 1. (Or several houses in one)

It is not uncommon to find 2 separate entrances or the same entrance for both places.

Families often share the kitchen there, to reduce costs, space and work.

This also helps in mutual aid between family members.

Here are two interesting articles on the subject:

It is important to inform yourself before moving forward with such a project.

A general contractor and/or a real estate agent could guide you.

Here are some steps to remember in order to move forward with such a project:

Step 1 - Contact your local city / borough:

If you are considering building an intergenerational home, you should contact the local city and find out what is possible and the information needed to obtain a building permit.

Step 2 - Construction of the Plans:

Having a rough idea of ​​what you want is important. An architect or architectural technician will be able to put your ideas forward on paper, to present them to the city and show you what is possible with the space you have.

Step 3 - Idea of Budget:

Before making your plans and applying for your permit, it is important to know if your budget allows you to do this work. Will you be able to carry out your entire project and accommodate everyone you want?

Contact a few General Contractors so that you can compare all the budget estimates and that they all contain the same elements. Review each quote with each contractor. It's your money after all! Spend it wisely.

Step 4 - You're Ready!

You have chosen your contractor, you have your plans in hand, the money is available and the permit is in your window? You are now ready to get started!

Monitor your project closely, as changes and modifications can be very expensive.

Preventing is always safer.

Linéaire General Contractor has been working in the field for almost 10 years. They have the desires of their clients at heart and want to make their dreams come true.

Quality, passion and honesty is their moto.

For more information, contact Lineaire at: 514-686-0661 or

We look forward to working with you.

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