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What to renovate during the winter in Montreal?

Montreal winters can be harsh and very cold. They can bring their load of fun activities, but difficult for other things such as, walking outside, shoveling, breaking ice, water damage, heating, renovating certain parts of your home and more.

Renovating can come with its loads of challenges. It is, however, false that nothing can be done to improve your home. Some renovations can still be done in the winter and very well.

Here is a list of renovations that can be done in the winter. Find below the precautions to take in order to avoid bad surprises.

Renovations to do in the winter:

1- Basement Renovation

2- Kitchen Renovation

3- Finition of home extension or floor addition

4- Insulation of foundation and interior walls

5- Bathroom Renovation

6- Renovation of all other living areas

7- Any interior renovations. Outdoor renovations will be too costly and can wait in the spring.

Precautions to take during winter renovations:

1- Make sure the all doors are closed immediately after the "coming and going".

2- Keep your heaters near the door, turned on, if there are any water pipes.

3- Put plastic sheets around some of the doors/areas, to block off most of the cold wind and air out.

4- Protect your current floors, so the water from the snow doesn't damage them.

5- You're heating bill could be affected. This is important to keep in mind.

Home Renovation Companies

Finding a home renovation company for your winter renovations could be easier than you think, because of the reduction of work around, so make sure you check out the credentials of the company you are planning on working with. (Insurance, referrals, and more)

Linéaire General Contractor has over 20 years of experience in construction and renovations. They are experts are making sure the client gets the best bang for their buck. If you are planning a renovation this winter, give them a call to discuss your home improvement plans.

The phone number is: 514-686-0661 and you can find out more on the website at:

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