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Wrong Home in the Right Area

You've found the Wrong Home in the Right Area?

Here are 6 reasons for turning your the wrong home into your dream home!

Renovating before Moving.

1. You will live in the area you love so much

It may be that beautiful park, a thriving shopping strip, friends nearby or the practicality of being near your kids’ school. Whatever the reason people become attached to an area they want to live in, it makes all the difference in the world. Location, location, location. You can change your home, but cannot change what you love about your neighbourhood.

2. Open up space for leisure and recreation

This is less a practical need and more of a desire to improve the quality of life in your home. It is the right time to add that to build that big kitchen you've always wanted with more counter and storage space, or the game room with that big pool table you've always wanted, add a Home theatre system for your Movie night with friends. Building an extension is a really popular way to increase leisure and recreation activity in your new home.

3. Better now than later

Your kids are no longer toddlers and as they grow fast. Renovating before you move in, will give you the immediate peace of mind that you won't have to renovate in the future when your kids get into their teenage years and need more personal space and ultimately more harmony in those hormonal years.

4. Change the Old for the New

You have an old extension that was put up cheaply 20 years ago. The divisions were made too small or are deteriorating rapidly. Replacing an old extension, or old electrical wires and plumbing, reisolating before moving in, will make your life much easier in the long run. Better now than when you are all installed and have to move out again to renovate.

5. An investment

A well-planned extension or renovation nearly always adds value to your home. It’s good to check out house prices in your local area to gauge the effect of value. Be careful not to overdevelop if your motive is investment.

6. Cheaper than doing it later

Doing it before you move in is definately cheaper, as you won't have to pay for another place to live during the renovation... another mover, another packer, storage and more. Before moving in is the best time to do all the changes you need to have your dream home in your dream neighbourhood.

Home Improvement Companies

Linéaire General Contractor specialize in home improvements.  Our team have a great deal of experience in home improvements and building custom homes, so whatever type of improvement you may be considering, we can help make it work best for you.Give us a call 514-686-0661 to discuss your home improvement plans, or email us using our contact form.


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