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10 Ways to Reduce your Ecological Footprint when Renovating?

The Environment and Saving our Planet is a real concern, but so is having a safe roof over our heads. (and a pretty one)

You're having to renovate your home or business location? You want to make some decision based on your Ecological Footprint? Great Idea! The Planet Thanks you and so do we!

Here 10 ways to reduce your Ecological Footprint when renovating:

1- Reusable energy to Heat

There are so many options now a day to heat your home, and reducing your ecological footprint. Solar Panels, Geothermal, Hot Water Heating, Wind Turbines, Electrical heating and more. No matter where you live, you have access to at least one or 2 of these to heat or cool down your home and building. They have a major impact on the planet and your wallet.

2- Reusing Materials

When demolishing your home, not everything is no longer good. Some parts might still be usable and might save you some money to recycle them and reuse them in your home. Ask your local contractor what can be reused and where.

Certain pieces of wood, insulation, flooring, lights, and more can be reused. Better reused than sending them in the landfill.

3- Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

It's a no brainer. If your windows and doors are over 20 years old, your heating the outdoors and wasting your money. 200$ extra on heating per year, can make a difference when saved. They don't have to be fancy to save you money. Your carbon footprint is instantly reduced when changing them.

4- When to Renovate

All seasons brung their share of concerns and Ecological impact. Renovating in the cold winter months, risks making the cold come right in. Renovating during the summer months, makes AC work twice harder... So think of the type of work you need to do and decide on the best calendar months to reduce your impact on the planet.

5- Buying Second Hand

Someone trash might become someone else gold! Look on second hand websites or in second hand shops. You might find the right piece to use at a fraction of the price and you'll be reusing instead of buying something new.

(Kijiji, Craigslist, Marketplace and more)

6- Recycling the waste

Instead of sending everything to the "dump" or in a landfill, you could get in touch with recycling companies that will reuse certain materials from your renovations. (Pipping, Metal, Sinks, Tubs, Cabinets and more) You will save them money and you will save the planet at the same time.

7- Using non transformed Materials

A Wood floor is recyclable and more durable.

But a Vinyl flooring, for example, are an attractive option since they are easy to install and are often price competitive, floating floors are made with materials that are impossible to recycle, when time comes to change them and are not durable.

8- Improving Insulation

Insulating your home makes a complete difference in your ecological footprint.

9- Energy Star Appliances

The technology in appliances is constantly evolving and the companies are always finding new ways to save you money through your energy bill, saving water consumption and more. That will make a difference in your daily planet saving actions!

10 - Recycling your Water

There are many ways to save water. Buying water saving taps and faucets is an option. You can also get a barrel that saves your rain water, that you can reuse for various activities, such as watering your plants. Any gesture helps!

For more Tips in making your renovation more sustainable and reducing your ecological footprint, contact good local general contractors. They will help you find your way in this maze that is a renovation.

Lineaire General Contractor can help you navigate those turbulent waters and guide you towards the renovation that suits you.

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