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4 Tips for the perfect Office Space Renovation

It's not enough to offer a fair salary and 2 weeks of vacation to keep an employee fulfilled. The current workforce, specifically millennials, admit that they would happily accept a lower salary if it meant working for a company with a strong corporate culture and focus on work-life balance. Culture and balance begins with the values you foster in your workplace.

It is important for an individual to feel their company cares about their mental and physical health.

1- Connections & Collaborative

Current design trends seem to lean towards open spaces for collaboration. They call for areas where management can mix with employees to foster synthesis and innovation. Think about location of desks in relation to employee organization (for example, team structure or departments). How can you create a democratic workplace? Are managers readily available for an employee to approach them? Even an open-door policy can change the feng-shui of this relationship.

2- Detox space: Quiet and Relaxation

On the other side of the coin, while collaboration and inclusivity is important, there still needs to be quiet areas available for independent thinking and private meetings. Some employees might not do well with constant interruptions. If you offer a variety of spaces for your employees to choose from, they can have a tailor-maid environment to match their needs.

3- Individualized Workspace Opportunities

If you can't make significant infrastructure changes to your office you can consider implementing new policies.

Dog Friendly- Could you allow employees to bring their dogs to work? Dogs aren't just members of the family, studies have shown that dogs lower stress and anxiety.

Plants- Plants are a very simple yet significant addition to a work space. You can either invest in plants for the office as whole or allow/encourage employees to bring in their own plants (or both!)

4- Increased Overall Productivity 

Happy employees are productive employees. Therefor designing workspaces and environmental factors of an office with your team's happiness in mind will directly increase overall productivity.

The Right General Contractor to Create your Office Space

When thinking about Office Space Renovation it's important to find the Team to create what will become your source of income and the right environment for your team members.

Lineaire General Contractor has over 25 years of experience in the field and had an incredible team to work with you to create the best work environment.

You can contact them at 514-686-0661 or visit their website at:

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