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5 Mistakes to avoid when Renovating your Basement

Winter is coming and you're longing to make some changes to your living area.

Your basement is dated or is simply ins't currently usable? Here are some important points to avoid before getting it started.

He are 5 common mistakes to avoid when Renovating your Basement:

1- Not Have a Humidity Control Test for your basement.

Making sure there is no water infiltration before doing any renovation or construction, is a mistake. If you don't want to redo your basement twice, it is imperative that you do this evaluation first.

Ask you General Contractor to evaluate the situation.

2- Not make an electrical and plumbing plan

A basement can have several uses. Storage, family room, tv room, cellar, extra bedrooms, a separate apartment, a large laundry and bathroom and much more.

You need to think twice what kind of use you would like it to have in order to make the best electrical and plumbing plan possible. By having those done, you will reduce your costs greatly during the actual renovations.

3- Not have plans drawn and Check the Structure

It is important to have plans drawn up in order to reduce the amount of time and money spent. It might seem like an added expense, but in the end it is more cost effective.

Secondly, if you have supporting walls, it is important to know wether what you have in mind for your basement is feasible, with the budget you have. Touching structural beams or structural walls is a much longer process, that has a price attached to it.

4- Not consider the height of your Ceiling

When Renovating your basement, the walking space is important. Do you want to have a standard height to work with, or are you happy to have the bare minimum.... Where people might hurt their heads on...?

Most people prefer a height of at least 8 feet.

This might mean you will have to dig up the grounds to get to this desired height. Maybe change the location of your plumbing... Reinforce some supporting walls... Change the layout of the rooms. All these are inter related. It is a mistake to not evaluate all those at the same time, so not to have bad surprises.

5- Not add a financial contingency plan

Working in a basement is like working in a can of worms. You know when you start but don't know when the work ends.

Working in the ground has several factors that you don't encounter when you work on the main floor or other levels. So planning some room in your budget will reduce your stress level and make your project that much more pleasant.

The best way to know if you've found a good candidate is to look at his or her credentials. Do they have a valid license? Do they have insurance coverage? Are they part of an association that guarantees their work? Can they provide you with some referrals or testimonials?

When it comes to a basement renovations well done, and possibly some structural work, Lineaire General Contractor has the team and experience to create your dream project and respect the time and budget you will have given them.

They will always give you the right time of day, respect and give you the honesty you deserve. They are APCHQ Privilege members.

You can visit their website at: or contact them at: 514-686-0661.

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