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5 Mistakes to avoid when Renovating your Kitchen

Winter is coming and you're longing to make some changes to your living area.

Your kitchen is dated and is in need of some TLC. It is easy to jump into a new project, but it is important to consider some important aspects of it before getting it started.

He are 5 common mistakes to avoid when Renovating your kitchen:

1- Not look into the current plumbing

When renovating a kitchen, there are often little surprises found that we didn't expect. Water is your worst enemy, when it comes to it leaking in a home. It can create mold and make your living space unbearable. So after the first demolition is completed, make sure you have your contractor and / or plumber check the state of your plumbing. You might find you need to change a few parts, before rebuilding. You wouldn't want to have problems occur just after you've "finished" your kitchen renovation.

2- Make no electrical plan

If you are planning to add some light to your kitchen or even change the location of some pot light or fixtures, before starting the project is the time to start thinking about it all. By knowing what you want, you can plan your budget accordingly. Electrical work is not cheap and can be the deciding factor for a renovation project. By having an electrical plan beforehand, you can account for what you want, what you can do and get the lighting you've always wanted.

3- Just changing the cabinets

Some people want to do a quick "flip" of a kitchen to get the modern look.

It can be a quick fix, but sometimes a way to put your "money down the drain".

Have your contractor evaluate the state of the walls and structure of the kitchen before hanging new cabinets. Even if it doesn't seem like it at first sight, this will save you time and money in the future.

By building without evaluating, you can add to a rotten surface that will have to be change in a closer future than you think.

4- Not Adding extra support for the new cabinets

As mentioned in point #3, changing the cabinet requires a little investigation. It also requires a little preparation work. Full cabinet are heavy. And a simple installation is not enough. Adding a screw backing is necessary. Without it you might find your beautiful glasses on the floor and broken.

5- Buying the cheapest materials possible to save money

When you are shopping for your new cabinets it is important to take into account what kind of "wear and tear" you will need. Often people go for the cheapest price, but forget that cheaper doesn't mean better, it means easier to break / chip or damage. So by opting for a more durable material, you will avoid having to replace parts and pieces. You will keep your investment for much longer.

The best way to know if you've found a good candidate is to look at his or her credentials. Do they have a valid license? Do they have insurance coverage? Are they part of an association that guarantees their work? Can they provide you with some referrals or testimonials?

When it comes to a kitchen renovations well done, and possibly some structural work, Lineaire General Contractor has the team and experience to create your dream project and respect the time and budget you will have given them.

They will always give you the right time of day, respect and give you the honesty you deserve. They are APCHQ Privilege members.

You can visit their website at: or contact them at: 514-686-0661.

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