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5 Steps for a good Basement Renovation

Winter is coming and you're longing to have some changes done to your home in order to really enjoy your summer.

Your basement has been in need of TLC, but you're unsure where to start and what to do with it?

He are 5 steps to follow in order to have a successful basement renovation project.

1- Have a Humidity Control Test fo your basement.

Make sure there is no water infiltration before doing any renovation or construction, because you don't want to redo your basement twice, it is imperative that you do this evaluation first.

We recommend you get a professional in humidity control. They will come in your home with the right tool to detect if there is any levels of humidity in your basement.

2- Decide what function(s) you want to give your basement

A basement can have several uses. Storage, family room, tv room, cellar, extra bedrooms, a separate apartment, a large laundry and bathroom and much more.

You need to think twice what kind of use you would like to have in order to make you home complete and useful for yourself and your whole family.

3- Have a plan drawn

It is important to have plans drawn up in order to reduce the amount of changes.

Secondly, if you have supporting walls, it's important to know wether what you have in mind for your basement is feasible. Because taking down a support wall will boost your budget considerably and could change to layout of your basement and the plans.

4- Ceiling height

Everyone wants high ceilings when it come to their basements. Several things will need to be taken into consideration in order to do so.

Will you need to break your concrete floor? Will you need to move some plumbing? Will you need to restructure or solidify your supporting walls?

Ceiling height do add cachet and value to a home, so when evaluating the pros and cons, sit down with your budget and options and see what best fits your needs, wallet and time scale.

5- Finding the right team

When planning to renovate your basement, you need to find the right team to help your achieve your project.

After your plan, design and budget analysis, you need a general contractor that will offer you a quote according to the previous points.

He or she will give you a cost estimate for the work. Get 2-3 quotes and then make your final decision based on price, but mostly on trust and relation you have built with the contractor.

How to find the right contractor?

The best way to know if you've found a good candidate is to look at his or her credentials. Do they have a valid license? Do they have insurance coverage? Are they part of an association that garants their work? Can they provide you with some referrals or testimonials?

When it comes to a basement renovations well done, and possibly some structural work, Lineaire General Contractor has the team and experience to create your dream project and respect the time and budget you will have given them. They will always give you the right time of day, respect and honesty you deserve. They are APCHQ Privilege members.

You can visit their website at: or contact the general contractor, Ewan at: 514-686-0661.

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