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8 Ways to stay sane during a Home Renovation

Are you planning a home renovation anytime soon? Do you want to make sure you are prepared for any eventuality?

It is important to know you are getting yourself in one of the top 5 most stressful situation a person can go through. So having a "heads up" about several points is very Important.

1- Don't Settle

The contractor-client relationship is a is one based on trust, reliance and companionship. Make sure you get 3 companies to give you a cost estimate for your project, before you decide on who is the best choice.

2- Create your own Sanctuary

If you can't move out of your home, you will have to find a place where you can escape to. When renovating you will be faced with stress, dust, and more. Make sure you put a sheet of plastic te separate the renovation area and your sanctuary.

3- Seal Vents

By closing all the vents, you are reducing the amount of dust circulating around the house and therefor the amount of time you will clean your sanctuary.

4- Extra Protection

Protection, protection, protection! If there are areas you are NOT renovating, make sure you protect them. Flooring, furniture, home goods, rooms and more. By protecting those you have less chance to get the disappointment of having to fix them, replace them or trash them.

5- Create "Makeshift" Important Rooms

Even if you're renovating, you still need to sleep, eat, clean yourself, dress yourself and feel sane. Make sure you have an area that allows you to fulfil all this necessary needs. This will make your day much brighter and the experience of renovating less unpleasant.

6- Make your life easier

Don't plan too much during your renovation. Try to make your life easy, by trying to escape the locating being renovated. You could go on a vacation, see friends, get take away, and more. This will allow you to escape the heaviness of your project and give you back some normalcy.

7- Envision the end goal

The best way to stay sane during a renovation, is to try to envision the finished product. Take deep breaths, look at inspirational photos and visualize your first dinner party after renovation.

8- Be prepared for eventualities

No renovation project comes free of "bumps" and hurdles. Be ready that your contractor will come to you with problems. The best way to address is it to breath, evaluate the problem, and take a thought out decision with the possible solution your contractor will have given you.

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