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Adding a New Floor to your Shoebox Home

Montreal is a beautiful city, including its architecture. Tall building, smaller ones, long metal staircases, colourful homes in small streets. Montreal doesn't lack charme and beauty.

When buying a home we often look for space. The shoebox home is beautiful, but often stands out for being too small, in between tall multiplex buildings.

Buying a shoebox home can mean lots of "Potential"!

You also have to check, before buying this type of home, if there are limitations to modifying it, as there are some rules that forbid you to add a new floor over the existing building, to increase your square footage.

If you're in the clear and you can build, there is so much potential for making your home more valuable and increase its value.

Getting information about a shoebox home is fairly easy. You should always start with contacting the administration of your borough. In Montreal, you simply need to dial 611. You will be directed to the borough of your choice.

Secondly, asking in depth questions about what is possible and impossible to do to a shoebox home, is crucial. It will tell you if this property can fit your needs and lifestyle.

The kinds of questions you should ask are: The cost of the construction permit, What you are NOT allowed to change on the current building / Is the building patrimonial / Are there certain material NOT allowed to be used in that area, and more.

Thirdly, contacting an architect is most important, as you will want your floor addition to blend in with the existing building. Or the modifications to reflect what the city has allowed you to do and also incorporate what you desire from your home.

Lastly, finding the right General Contractor to reproduce your project, is key to realizing your dream home.

Finding the right contractor, for your dream project is crucial.

Lineaire General Contractor has a team with over 20 years of experience and thrives in making dreams into reality.

Floor Addition, Home Extensions and Home Remodel are their specialty.

They work by these 3 words: Quality, Passion and Honesty.

Contact them for more information: 514-686-0661 or

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