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Construction of a New Garage and Double Terrasse

You live in Montreal or around and find that your current garage is obsolete and in need of love. A demolition is possibly necessary or would you like to enhance the look of your garage and house? Here are 3 ways to improve the space of your garage and the "look" outside your home and garage.

1- Add a terrace above your Garage Your house has a garage? It's perfect, you could add a beautiful terrace on top of it in order to have more outside area. You could create a garden where you have a garage, to have a little paradise in nature, just at home. It will be important to think about the structure of the garage to support the weight of this new terrace, but you will come out winner! 2- Demolish and rebuild a garage You currently have a detached garage at your house that is not to your liking? It loses heat, to the infiltration of water? You vault more expensive than necessary in winter or during rainy weather? Remember to visit an architect to give a new look to your home and create a "punch" effect with a brand new garage, modern and waterproof. It will increase the value of your home at the same time. 3- Create a garage and a terrace - all for the whole! Everything is possible in construction and renovation. It is possible to do everything. A garage, an additional protected parking and a terrace to increase your space "outside garden". When rebuilding your new garage, increase the supports in the bases to add a terrace that will have an extension to cover a second car. All for all! Where to find a good general contractor? Finding the right person to execute your project is the key to a good or bad experience. Of course, the budget is important, but trust, references and proof of qualification are even more important! Linear General Contractor is a privileged member of the APCHQ and has been approved as one of the best companies to contact for a project of this magnitude. You can visit: or to find out more.

What does the house of your dreams look like? Have a good day!

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