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Hardwood Chevron Flooring in Montreal

Looking to create a beautiful look or a "chic" effect for your home? A magnificent effect, which will add taste and value to the building? A hardwood floor with a Chevron or Herringbone effect is really the key. It will allow you to distinguish yourself from the mass of the Greater Montreal and give a romantic and rich "look" to your home. Chevron and Herringbone flooring requires some preparation in order to have the desired finish. Here are 3 steps to remember:

1- Levelling the floor When installing a Chevron or Herringbone type floor, your floor must absolutely be straight, level and everywhere in the desired room. A drop will be very apparent when installing the floor. So good preparation is necessary, in order to avoid boredom. 2- Finding the center of the room By finding the middle of the room, you will know how many full rooms you will need. The room will be centralized and will make the final look one that will be uniform, square and beautiful. If you are afraid you will generate an end product that is not completely satisfactory. So taking a few more minutes, in order to find our center, will provide a better result. 3- Having enough materials Buying a herringbone or herringbone floor can take a few weeks. So as soon as we are ready to install everything, it is important to have enough, otherwise you will end up with an unfinished floor for a few weeks. In addition, there will be more cutting than a regular floor, so plan an extra larger than normal. Or 20% more, instead of 10%. By following these 3 recommendations, your floor will be finished on time, and in style. You will be happy and will increase the value and interest in your home.

Find a Contractor for Chevron Floors It is not always easy to find a good workforce, but above all who have a concern for detail. Lineaire general contractor to make several laying of floor or ceramic of chevron or Herringbone type. They are the experience required to create a masterpiece for you. You can visit their website at: or contact them at 514-686-0661. Good Renos!

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