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How to Build an Home Extension Above a Garage

One of the most cost effective ways to gain a new bedroom is to build a above your garage area. You won't loose land space and you will gain square footage in living area.

If you love your home, your neighbourhood and the area, this is your best solution.

Here are the steps to adding an extension to your home, above your garage.

1- Think from the Outside In

When building an home extension, above your garage or any home extension, you have to think of the outside look, before the inside.

You want your extension to mold into your current home. You want it to be seamless. It will increase the curb appeal, create a bigger impact and a better return on investment.

2- Make sure you have a strong foundation to build on

When you add a new level on a garage, you have to ensure the foundation is strong enough to hold several tonnes of weight, that your extension will add. In order to do so, you will need an engineers plan.

They will come to your home and evaluate the foundation, the walls of your garage and footings of your home. Also the contractor you will employ will also have to dig several holes around the foundation in your garage, to verify the depth and condition.

These are very important steps to follow.

3- Insulate

When you add an extension to your home, it is also the right time to insulate the other exposed walls, to create a more "air tight" and "energy efficient" home. Make sure you add 3 inches of polyurethane to your exterior walls. This will help you save some money on your energy bills as well.

4- More than a bedroom

If you have enough space for more than just a bedroom, like a "En-Suite" wardrobe, a connecting bathroom or a second bedroom, the early stages of the planning is when you want to think of incorporating it. Often people count the square footage of the garage and think they have enough space...

When you add walls, insulation, pipping and more, it creates smaller areas. Make sure to see it on paper beforehand. You can also put tape down on the floor and see the real proportions of the created areas, before getting into the building phase and being disappointed.

5- Don forget to Plan the layouts with the Current Home

We have many ideas when creating a new space, but we also have to incorporate the existing home (inside), to create a beautiful living space. If you are opening the exterior wall that leads to a bathroom inside, you might want to rethink the location and the layout of the room. It all has to glue together, like it has always been there. 2 becomes 1!

A home extension above a garage takes several steps to create the perfect environment for a safe home and a confortable family.

Finding the right contractor, that fits with you is important.

Lineaire General Contractors has a team with the right experience and thrive in making their clients happy.

Home Conversions, Home Extensions, Multiplex Conversions and Home Remodel are their specialty.

Quality, Passion and Honesty is their moto.

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From the Lineaire General Contractor team, Happy Renovations!!

T. 514-686-0661

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