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Modernize your Home to Maximize your Investment

Do you live in Montreal or its surroundings? Do you have a piece of real estate in hand and want to maximize the chances of a better return on investment? It's simple, some renovations can help you make you some $$$$. We regularly think that doing "home staging" is enough to create a "look" WOW to visitors... But if your house has not had any other retouching or love for 25-30 years ... The base remains the base and it can move potential buyers away. Some major renovations could make all the difference. Here are some places to retouch in depth if you are in this situation and want to create a bigger "WOW" effect! 1- Renovate the kitchen Change the cabinet doors, countertops, add storage, modify the floor and backsplash to give you all the tools you need to increase the value of your sale.   2- Renovate the bathroom Modernize the bathroom furniture, change the floor and add a new ceramic, Put a glass door for the shower or add storage.   3- Renovate the entrance to the house Modernize the facade of the house, with a coat of paint, a new pavement, or any other modification to help have a better effect "WOW"!

The next step is to find a good general contractor, who will do the work needed to maximize your budget and give you suggestions for maximizing it further. For more information... Contact Linear General Contractor for more information. 514-686-0661 Good Renovation!

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