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Your Office Space is too Crowded?

Your office space is getting too small for the needs you have? Your company is growing so fast you don't know where to place your new team members?

You're planning to move to a new location, but want to optimize the space available?

You will encounter many obstacle as a business owner / manager through you're career. Space is often not one that we ever think will be a problem, until you get to a point where 2 people have to sit at the same desk to work... Or you have the fortunate problem to double your man power quickly.

GOOD! Those are great problems. Easily fixed, with a little thought put into it.

Here are a few steps to think about when you reach that points:

1- Plan what your growth will be in the next 5 to 10 years

2- Get some financing options that will be available to you, through your bank or others.

3- Find a Commercial Real Estate Broker that will guide you to what is available (Current location or Available land)

4- The Architect is you're next step. They will draw the plans according to your wants and needs. They can maximize the available space, build you a completely new building or more.

5- Once the plans are done, get 3 or 4 quotes together by a licensed general contractors, with bond, insurance, experience and referrals.

6- Once you have all your quotes together, compare "apples with apples". Make sure you understand each quote completely, that they all include the same things. Sit with your architect to be sure to get an objective view on all those quotes and the plans they drew.

7- Lastly, get the work done, to finally be more productive in your own company and get the profits rolling in!

To Find the Right Helpers and General Contractor

It's not always easy to find navigate through all the companies out there to help you with your projects. A Real Estate Broker, an Architect, a General Contractor, and more.

Lineaire General Contractor and his team have over 20 years of experience in the business and proud themselves with the daily use of "Quality - Passion - Honesty". They have been working with qualified and respected sub-contractors in all fields that would allow you to complete your project from A to Z, with peace of mind.

You can give them a call at: 514-686-0661 for more information or visit their website at:

Happy Upscaling!

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