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Preparing for your upcoming renovation plans!

You're planning on renovating part of your home or creating an extension to your home in the upcoming spring?

You want to make sure you're prepared and ready to get going with your contractor, in order to reduce the chances of surprises and cost increase?

Here are a few things to think about...

1- A detailed plan:

Without a detailed plan, you risk having delays to finish your project, you risk unplanned surprises in cost, and you risk being unhappy.

If you have a certain material you want to use and it's not in your plan, there is always a chance of delay in delivery, a chance of increase cost for this material, if it's not standard.

It often seems more expensive to pay for a detailed plan at the beginning, but in the long run you are likely to save more money.

2- Save on materials

You want to take part in the purchases, you currently have some time. Perfect! Starting early means having time to search for the best deals and best quality. If you can start early, you could come across some savings, deals and rebates you wouldn't have if you we're buying materials at the last minute.

3- Double check your permit

Double checking your permit will allow you to have less unplanned surprises along the way. Sit down with you general contractor and see if the permit covers everything you want to do and what the city allows.

The steps makes sure you'll encounter less delays and stops from any parties. (The city, the procedures taken to build and the laws that surround any renovation / construction)

4- Buying second hand

When you preparer your project ahead of time it gives you time to find some second hand jams that would suit your project perfectly.

In those cases you might end up with "one of a kind" pieces, antiques, vintage pieces or simply just cost effective solutions to complete your project.

There are several options in order to buy second hand. Here are a few: Kijiji, Marketplace on Facebook, Antique shops, Auctions, Group pages on Social media, Apps online and much more.

There are so many options to save or even just get unique pieces that it's worth giving it a GO.

5- Ask Questions

The best way to find little tricks of the trade is to ask questions.

Ask your contractor, your engineer, your neighbours and friends that have had renovations and possibly even forums / Blogs.

Some recommendations won't ft your needs, but some will. So take what suits you and make it your own.

Renovating or ongoing a construction project is thrilling and fun! But it can turn sour very quickly. So be prepared!

You can't be prepared for everything, but some preparation does reduce stress levels and adds to the fun!

You will be part of it and feel included the whole project. Enjoy, as it can be extremely fun!

Finding information can sometimes be great, but it is important to double check your information, ni case it's not from a professional or a source that is qualified.

The best options to confirm your findings, when it comes to renovations and constructions are: Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Builders and Designers.

Lineaire General Contractor is an expert in the field and can help you obtain the answers you're looking for and create the project of your dream, with your input. We love clients that are prepared, know what they want and are happy to team up with professionals in the field.

If you would like more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at: 514-686-0661 or visit our website at:

Have a great Project!

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