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RenoClimat - Financial Help for your Renovations

Doing renovations is expensive. We often have a budget in mind and available, but how can we find additional funds to help us improve our house or building? Before starting renovations, several phases must be started, such as plans, building permits, and more. But there is a step which is often omitted, but which can prove to be very profitable. Several organizations, company or government offer financial relief to help you make your home more comfortable, energy efficient or up to date. The Renoclimat financial assistance is a subsidy from the government of Quebec to restore your building and make it more ecological. Not all renovations are covered by this grant. Here are the components covered:

Reno Climat has 4 components in order to recover money: 1- Insulation work This includes the insulation of the exterior walls, the roof, the various holes in the exterior walls that bring in air from the outside. These create an unnecessary air intake and reduce your ability to heat or cool your home adequately. 2- Home Air tightness work The waterproofing works include cracks in the foundation, water entering certain places, the French drain to collect water and more. 3- Replacement of doors and windows The term is clear, by changing doors and windows that are old you will increase your comfort level and reduce electricity costs. 4- Installation or replacement of mechanical systems When we talk about mechanical systems, we are talking about ventilation system, water heater, heat pump, heating system and geothermal system. By modifying or adding such a system, your house or building becomes more ecological and you will save money on your electricity account.

The 4 components to obtain the subsidy are not the only points to follow. There are 2 crucial steps to complete before starting any renovations: 1- Confirmation of work: To find out if your work can be subsidized, you must contact Rénoclimat, the government of Quebec and ask for confirmation that this work is part of the program. 2- The Evaluation: The last step before starting the work, you must complete the online form at the following link: An evaluation advisor will come to your home to assess the condition of your home and give you the EnerGuide rating of your home, as well as an evaluation report with the energy efficiency recommendations. 3- After these two steps you can start your renovations. Find a General Contractor To create the work for your home, in order to complete the list of energy-efficient recommendations, you need to find a good general contractor who will be able to guide you through them. Linear General Contractor with more than 25 years of experience in the field, but always updates itself on Quebec energy efficiency standards, in order to better help its customers. For more information, you can consult their website at: or contact 514-686-0661. We look forward to discussing your energy efficiency projects with you!

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