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Renovating my Roof before the Fall

Your house has seen better days? You are not teady to renovate everything right now, but you want to avoid having bad surprises during the rainy seasons and the thaw? The roof is definitely one of the first places to inspect, in order to stay dry.

Here are the questions that are important to ask yourself to avoid the worst. 1- What age is my roof? 2- Has the silicone seals been changed in the last 5 years? 3- Does the air circulate well inside the roof, so as not to freeze, create mildew or unwanted growths? 4- Do my soffits have signs of damage in a few places? 5- Is the gravel on my roof turning into small stone? 6- Does the water flow well on my roof or does it stay stagnant? 7- Do I have green shoots on the roof? If you answered "YES" to one or more of these questions, this is a sign of deterioration of your roof and something needs to be done. You need to contact a professional in the roof and roof structure to check everything. The next step is to find a good general contractor, who will be honest and make you a good quote. Get a price from more than one company. For more information... Contact Linear General Contractor for more information. 514-686-0661 "Prevention is always better than cure!" Good Renovation!

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