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Cost of renovations in 2019

You have a renovation project in mind and would like to know how much budget to plan for? With the years the costs of materials and labour have increased, so a project that you would have done 10 years ago, would never cost the same thing today. You want to do: 1- Enlargement 2- Addition of Garage 3- Balcony 4- Kitchen 5- Doors and Windows 6- Exterior cladding 7- Bathroom 8- Solarium 9- Basement

Here is an idea of ​​price for each of these projects to allow you to plan better.

1- Enlargement: Between $ 175 and $ 220 per square foot * This also depends on whether we are starting with a new foundation or an already existing one.

2- Add a Garage: Between $ 85 and $ 150 per square foot * This depends on what kind of use you will be making of it.

3- Balcony: Between $ 45 and $ 120 per square foot * This depends mainly on the materials used. Do you prefer a balcony in fiberglass, treated wood, red cedar, composite, aluminum, concrete or other ... These materials have a big difference in price. 4- Kitchen: Between $ 140 and $ 220 per square foot * Several factors will affect the final price of your new kitchen. Here are the most important ones to consider: The size, the finishes or your cupboards (wood, melamine, etc.), the countertops (quartz, granite, melamine, etc.), the finitions (plumbing, lighting, flooring, backsplash, electrical appliances, sinks, electrical finish, and more.)

5- Doors and Windows: - PVC: Calculate an average of about $ 1,000 per window, installed. - Aluminum: Calculate an average of about $ 1500 per window, installed. 6- Exterior siding: You can opt for several types of exterior siding. Masonry, vinyl, wood, aluminum and more. The factors are very numerous. Calculate between $ 4 and $ 50 per square foot for your exterior cladding. 7- Bathroom: A good average price is between $ 85 and $ 220 per square foot. 8- Solarium: Between $ 145 and $ 190 per square foot (4 Seasons) 9- Basement: For a turn key basement, with a bathroom, plan between $ 75 and $ 125 per square foot. * Prices also vary depending on the materials and finishes used. (Low, medium or high end) * Prices will also vary if you finish your project on the "rough" or a "turnkey" project.

All renovation projects are subject to a price fluctuation of more or less 10-15%. This is due to surprises, unforeseen events and / or changes along the way. When comparing quote and choosing a contractor, it is tempting to use the services of a contractor that costs as little as possible, but it is important to carefully evaluate these and make sure the same values ​​are compared. Have a good renovation project! The Team of Lineaire General Contractor

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