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Renovations that may not require a permit in the Town of Mount-Royal (TMR)

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

When you think of a renovation in Ville Mont-Royal, you should always think of obtaining a permit from the city. For all renovation projects, you must contact the professionals in our Urban Planning and Inspection division of Ville Mont Royal to validate your intention and obtain the necessary permit.

Almost all renovations and construction in Ville Mont-Royal require a permit. It is best to inquire at the city planning division before doing anything. You will save yourself a lot of worry, not to mention fines, by doing this check before starting the procedures. Note that the list below differs slightly for residential areas.

The first step is very important, which is to contact the city for information on your project and visit your city's website to find out if you need a permit. Town of Mont-Royal Renovation Permit Here is the step if you need a permit: 1- Have plans drawn by an architect and / or an engineer 2- Obtain a quote from a general contractor to declare the price of the work to be performed 3- Bring your certificate of location 4- If someone else is going for you, you will need a power of attorney 5- Photos of your property 6- Payment, due on the day of your request. 7- Other Forms to Complete available on the website * Delivery of your license may take time. You may even have to go to the CCU if you live in a heritage area. Calculate a minimum of 4 weeks for your license, but it can extend over 3 months. MORE HELP Finding your way through all this information can sometimes be overwhelming. The general contractor can also help you navigate this labyrinth for your renovation in TMR. Linéaire General contractor has more than 25 years of experience in the field and can guide you through all the stages, no matter in which neighborhood you live. Visit their website and call them to start your project. or 514-686-0661

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