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Steps to obtain a renovation permit in Laval

When you think of a renovation in Laval, you should always think about obtaining a permit before starting. It is necessary to obtain a permit before undertaking construction work, interior or exterior renovations or the demolition of a building. By issuing a permit, the city can verify that the work complies with the regulations in force to ensure public safety and quality of life. The first step is to contact the city for information on your project and visit your city's website to find out if you need a permit. Here is the step if you need a permit: 1- Have plans drawn by an architect and / or an engineer 2- Obtain a quote from a general contractor to declare the price of the work to be performed 3- Bring your certificate of location 4- If someone else is going for you, you will need a power of attorney 5- Photos of your property 6- Payment, due on the day of your request. 7- Fill in the necessary forms

The exceptions are described on the following link: City of Laval Here is the list of work that does not require a permit: 1- Work valued at less than $ 5,000 (See exceptions) 2- Install, replace or modify the insulation 3- Replace or modify the roof covering 4- Replace doors and / or windows without changing dimensions 5- Install, replace or modify a balcony in the backyard of a single-family or mobile home 6- Build a fence 7- Install a heat pump 8- Painting the interior or exterior of a building Although the work described above may be carried out without authorization, the applicable regulations must be observed. Otherwise, you will be liable to a fine. It is also important to visit the website to see the applicable exceptions. MORE HELP Finding our way through all of this information can sometimes be overwhelming. The general contractor can also help you navigate this labyrinth for your renovations in Laval. Lineaire General Contractor has more than 25 years of experience in the field and can guide you through all the stages, no matter in which neighborhood you live. Visit their website and call them to start your project. or 514-686-0661

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