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Timing is Everything

Renovating is a long and painstaking process that needs to be given some time and thought, otherwise you can get nasty surprises.

Plans, Permits, Quotes, Materials, Contractors Relationship, Insurance, Relocation, Seasons and much more.

They all have their own set of timings and can become more complex if they are not in line with what you want, the city's needs and/or season.

When spring has sprung, most people decide they want to touch up and up-keep certain parts of their home. It is indeed the right time to do it, but maybe a little late to start requesting for work to be started immediately.

Most good contractors have been booked 2-3 months in advance, if not more. Their month of April-May was booked back in December-January...

To insure a smooth going project we recommend starting planning almost 6 months ahead of time.

Here is the list of things to think about, before calling a contractor, to be ready and waste a little time as possible.

1- Get a plan drawn up

2- Contact the city for a permit (Find out of the regulations before purchasing)

3- Get a pre-approval for your financing

4- Get 3 quotes from contractors

5- Think of the season you'll be doing your project and how it will affect you and your budget

6- What types of finitions and materials will you be using

7- Make sure your contractor is covered

8-Where will you be staying during your project

9- Make your final decisions

10 Get the Party Started!!

A good project is always with a lot of thought put into it. Timing is everything, but knowledge is Power.

To get your project started on the right foot, Lineaire General Contractor has many great references and project under their belt. A source of trust is always the best foot forward to better protect yourself.

Contact them Today. 514-686-0661 or visit their website:

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