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Warming Up Your Home

We are now in the Great Cold period. The thermostats are at their maximum and the house is still cool, the walls are cold to touch and there are still drafts coming in from your doors and windows ...

You have put plastic in your windows ... Cold cutting material in your door sills ... towels under the doors, but you still have shivers caused by the lack of insulation in your home and the air coming through. What should you do?

Your house may have been built before the 1980's ... and the only insulation it contains is a wood wall, which insulates very little ... (R-3) ... The norm is now a minimum of R20. So you see the lack of protection for you and your home.

** Currently the Gouvernement of Quebec is offering to help you with the cost of remedying to this situation. The RénoVert Tax Credit. Contact us, we can help you with the work and with the papers.


1- Insulation:

Here are the places to isolate to reduce heat loss:

- The exterior walls of the building, inside the building

- Attic

- The foundation walls

- The main supporting beams of your home

- The ceilings

2- Doors and Windows:

Old doors and windows have a great loss of heat.

An Energy Star door and window, with a double or triple thermos, will make all the difference. A simple stream of air makes you spend more money towards your energy company.

3- Garage Door

Do you have a garage door that is more than 30 years old ... This one brings you more wrong than good. A garage door that is over 30 years old offers you a big monetary loss in energy and can also cause you to infiltrate water and unwanted creatures, such as mice and rats. A simple little hole is enough for them to come into your home and cost you a lot more money than just a new garage door. WARNING!

Small changes like these can help keep you warm in the winter months and save you money and nasty surprises. Enjoy the government help right now, because it will only last until March 31st 2019!

The Lineaire General Contractor Inc. team has the experience and the know-how to guide you in all stages of your renovation project, as well as with the tax credit procedures. Contact us now!

Good winter everyone!

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