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Freeze and Thaw - Water Damages

We're having a pretty harsh winter. People skating and skiing in the streets and people injuring themselves due to the ice on the sidewalks.

The Freeze and Thaw Actions have several impact on the population, including on their homes. Water damages are never fun and we want to stay clear of them, to avoid major home renovations.

Effects possible:

- Worsen the cracks in foundations

- Water Infiltration

- Basements flooding

- Roof Repair

- Mold and Humidity

What to look out for:

- Moldy smell

- Moisture

- Wet areas: walls, ceiling, basement and baseboards

- Bugs and creatures appearing

- Water infiltrations through openings (garage doors, windows, doors, holes in the exterior walls, cracks)

Tips against water damage:

- Check for old of damaged scellant everywhere. (Windows, doors, garage door, holes, cracks and more)

- Check for cracks in the foundation... (Epoxy or Polyurethane)

- Shovel around the edges of the house

- Home ventilation (everywhere including the roof)

- Waterproof foundation

- Keep your downspout and gutters clear

- Make sure the lot slopes away from the house

- Have a drain in the basement to clear any water

- Seal all service holes

- Your subfloor shouldn't rest directly on the concrete floor

- Create an edge around the windows located at the ground level (outside)

- Isolate the inside walls and pies of your house

- Close all water pipes that are outside (or isolate them properly)

*These tips are worth discussing with a certified contractors, before starting.

The tips are also good for any other seasons of the year, because can also cause many damages.

Water Damages Companies

Linéaire General Contractor specialize in major home renovations.  Our team of builders have a great deal of experience in home improvements and building homes to the highest standard, so whatever type of damage you may be encountering, we can help make it work best for you. Give us a call 514-686-0661 to discuss your home improvement plans, or email us using our contact form.

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